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A canopy is defined  as an overhead roof / structure over which a fabric or metal covering is attached. This provides shade or shelter from weather conditions such as sun, hail, snow and rain.
Canopies were primarily used just for shade purposes, however, now it also adds a touch of style and marketing use. Because of this, canopies are used at outdoor and indoor events, such as large trade shows with thousands of attendees.

Canopy Benefits

Canopies have many benefits which is why their popularity has only increased year after year.
For outdoor events, canopies are usually used for shade purposes for food service, garden parties, large events (wedding parties), carports, etc. These outdoor event canopies would all come in different sizes and styles depending on the need.

Canopies for Events & Trade Shows

For events and trade shows, companies use custom canopies primarily for marketing purposes. They will customize their canopy to have their company name and logo on it in order to draw interest and awareness from the public. The canopies used at events for marketing are usually 10×10’ full color custom canopies, some are larger depending on the companies’ individual budgets and booth space. Many companies also choose to do a full color canopies. Thus making their brand stand out from the rest.

Canopy Frames

When choosing a canopy for an event, one important choice is deciding between a steel or aluminum frames.
Aluminum canopies, will be more lightweight as well as the easiest to tear down and pack; these benefits make them more attractive for travel purposes. Aluminum frames will also be resistant to rust and corrosion, another reason for their popularity.

Steel canopy frames, are primarily used for their durability. However steel could be susceptible to rust in certain climates, which will require higher maintenance than aluminum.

After reviewing both, aluminum  tends to be the more popular choice, for custom canopiesCustom Ez-up tent 10 x 10 primarily for indoor and outdoor use and especially in San Diego where harsh weather conditions are scarce.
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