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When attending any type of outdoor event, outdoor flags and banners are always going to create a positive impact and draw more attention to your booth. Some businesses are even using these at indoor trade shows and events to fully utilize the advertising effect.


The two main flag types that businesses prefer are outdoor feather flags and outdoor teardrop flags. They get their name from the shape and size that they are. Feather flags usually vary in length but stay at a standard width, they are shaped like narrow rectangles. H3Graphics offers various sizes of feather flags from small at 9.84 feet to extra-large at 19.69 feet. Check them out here: http://h3graphics.com/product/feather-flag/

Feather Flag Banner Stand–Extra Large Double Sided (w/ graphics)

Tear drop flags are shaped exactly as they sound, like a large drop of water. They usually vary in both length and width. These flags tend to be larger than feather flags and are highly popular with outdoor sporting events, conventions, church events, etc. H3 Graphics offers small, medium, large, and extra-large sizing on their website.

You can find tear drop flags here: http://h3graphics.com/product/tear-drop-promo-flag/

Tear Drop Promo Flag - Small Double Sided (no graphics)

One of the benefits of outdoor feather flags are that they tend to be a little easier to set up and tear down because of its smaller frame. They both, however, are relatively lightweight which makes transportation and storage fairly easy when not using them. H3 Graphics offers single or double-sided graphics on both of these flags.



Outdoor banner stands are another popular type of outdoor display. Unlike indoor banner outdoor banners usually have some type of weighted base or design to allow the displays to remain stable in the wind or other elements. Many can also be used on a variety of surfaces such as concrete, grass, soil, sand or even snow.

H3 Graphics outdoor banners provide a base that can be filled up with water if necessary. They also have the option for businesses to order a double-sided banner or a single sided one. Check out the outdoor banner options here:  http://h3graphics.com/product-category/feather-flags-outdoor-banners/.

Every business has different needs,  so remember to choose wisely to get the greatest return for your investment.

ZO Single Sided Outdoor Banner Stand

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