Full Color Canopies


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    Custom Full Color  Canopies

    The full color canopies are the ideal way to advertise in outdoor events and to protect yourself from the weather. Advertise your brand or product with the eye catching graphics of these canopies. There is no limit to what you can imprint in your canopy. It could be your logo, your product image or both!

    Be present at music festivals, beer festivals, food festivals, outdoor expos, farmers markets and even indoor events.

    Canopy Sizes

    We currently offer 3 sizes:

    10 X 10 ft.
    15 X 10 ft.
    20 X 10 ft.

    Canopy Facts

    Our canopies are water resistant. This means there is no need to fold and run away if it starts raining. Also our canopy frames are build in aluminum with a modern design. This makes our canopies look amazing, with modern look and super lightweight, easy to carry and easy to set up!

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